About Us

Primary Employers Tasmania (PET) is a registered employer organisation under the provisions of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.

It is the only such organisation in Tasmania with over 60 years specialist experience in representing the workplace relations interests of employers engaged in the agricultural, horticultural and viticultural industries of the State.

PET is a not-for-profit organisation established exclusively for employers in the primary industry sector.

Our Committee of Management consists of hands-on farmer employers with practical experience in workplace relations, which means your views are our views, needs and priorities.

PET does not receive financial support from and is not a part of any other organisation.

PET is an Associate Member of the National Farmers Federation (NFF); and is proudly sponsored by Prime Super.  Please click on their logos for a direct link to their websites.

Primary Employers Tasmania has the answers!

PET is able to provide practical assistance and advice in relation to your workplace relations questions, be it:

  • Wage ratesPrimeSuper
  • Trainee rates
  • Award matters
  • Fair Work Ombudsmen investigations
  • Termination/DismissalNFF Logo
  • Fair Work Australia – unfair dismissal advocacy
  • Workers compensation
  • Long Service Leave
  • Piecework arrangements
  • Shearing industry related matters
  • Shearing industry training
  • General training and education
  • Employment Agreements/Contracts of Employment

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