Below are links to the Election results and Post Election Report for the 2019/20 Executive Committee and Office Bearers of Primary Employers Tasmania. Ms Emma Sutherland was appointed at the meeting held on Thursday 18th July 2019 to fill the casual vacancy.


Please find a copy of the document here: Federal Budget 2019-20 – NFF Commentary and Analysis_FINAL


Download Glyphosate facts brochure here

Horticulture Award

A report in The Advocate incorrectly stated that the casual overtime provisions under the Horticulture Award started on 1 July 2018. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

The Fair Work Commission has not yet issued a decision in relation to the payment of overtime for casuals. As such, there has been no change to what is payable to casual employees for the hours they work. PET will advise all members once the Commission has made a decision as to any changes to the penalty rates for casuals under the Horticulture Award.


Wage Schedules

New wage schedules are available to financial members of Primary Employers Tasmania in the Members-Only area.

The wage rates are operative from the first full pay on or after the 1st July each year and a copy of new wage schedules are also sent via post to Members. If you have not received your schedules in the first week of July, please download a copy from the Members-only area or call Vanessa at the office on 03 6343 2244 or email

Shearer Wool Handler Training in Tasmania

Primary Employers Tasmania (PET) facilitates Shearer Wool Handler Training throughout Tasmania.

For further details, please contact our Trainer, Jack Monks on mobile: 0400 035 980 or email: